Noticing 2 special hearts. 

This weekend at The Fort Lauderdale Stonewall Festival I noticed Alex and Gaby.

Alex is a trans male and Gaby is his girlfriend. I interviewed Gaby asking her questions like “What, if any labels do you prefer”. “Are labels important to you?” “What fears do you have surrounding your relationship?” “How do you feel about the political climate today” “Did your choices surprise you?” and one answer seemed to stand out. A young woman with her eyes and heart wide open, experiencing one of her first relationships, answered simply…

“It doesn’t matter what parts Alex has. I love Alex for who he is”.

Love… is a verb. Just do it!

Published by

Girl Noticed

A series of detailed photorealistic charcoal portraits created as large exterior murals by artist Lori Pratico depicting a diverse group of girls and women of all ages. Each mural will depict one individual in charcoal which will fade away over time. Depending on weather conditions, murals can last days, weeks or months. This representing the intention of the project, which is: “If gone unnoticed, all what was there may fade away, disappear, and never be seen.”

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