Friday evening I invited young women to come together and declare their futures. They were asked to create signs that declared what was important to them and what they saw for their future. It was very clear to see, that using their voice and being heard was the way they envisioned change would occur in their communities and even the world.

As the creator of Girl Noticed, I aim to not only stand beside you, but for you. Girl Noticed will continue to listen and be a platform for you to use your voice and be heard. We pause, acknowledge and appreciate you. You personally inspire me, and give me great hope for our future. Keep up the great work. We will keep working for you.

Published by

Girl Noticed

A series of detailed photorealistic charcoal portraits created as large exterior murals by artist Lori Pratico depicting a diverse group of girls and women of all ages. Each mural will depict one individual in charcoal which will fade away over time. Depending on weather conditions, murals can last days, weeks or months. This representing the intention of the project, which is: “If gone unnoticed, all what was there may fade away, disappear, and never be seen.”

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