Unaware of what we truly are capable of

until faced with the unimaginable.

These young women represent courage, hope and

a relentless pursuit of a world they know will not change without them.

Their mothers remain an unshakeable presence,

with hearts torn open by what their daughters must endure.

Together we RISE.



A mural will be created in downtown Fort Lauderdale this Spring. 12-18 year old young women were asked to make signs declaring their futures, and then were part of a photoshoot that will provide inspiration for the mural entitled “You haven’t, we will”.

Stay tuned for mural dates and details.

The participants of “You Haven’t, We Will” inspired Girl Noticed to create a larger campaign recognizing the voices of 1000 girls. Plans are being made for school participation, weekly workshops, a book, and an additional mural event.

Stay tuned for how you can be involved and for more information.

Published by

Girl Noticed

A series of detailed photorealistic charcoal portraits created as large exterior murals by artist Lori Pratico depicting a diverse group of girls and women of all ages. Each mural will depict one individual in charcoal which will fade away over time. Depending on weather conditions, murals can last days, weeks or months. This representing the intention of the project, which is: “If gone unnoticed, all what was there may fade away, disappear, and never be seen.”

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