Small gestures can have a big impact.

Sometimes when you least expect it someone takes notice.

What happens when they take noticing a step further and make an effort to make a difference?

Jayson Priest did just that. Jayson is a friend, who although I do not know him well, took notice of my artwork and my project. What I was doing touched him.   This led him to make the effort to inform his company, JetBlue, about Girl Noticed and our message. JetBlue in turn contacted me and awarded Girl Noticed with two round trip vouchers anywhere they fly. Their support allows me to use the vouchers in my fundraising efforts or to travel with them to one of our upcoming murals.

I am so humbled that a renowned company like JetBlue recognized Girl Noticed and the importance of all we do to empower girls and women. 

Each of the 11 states where I have created murals have all come about because someone noticed and recognized the value of this project. Usually someone, like Jayson, who did not know me well, but knew the feeling of being unnoticed and the importance of valuing females in our society. The gesture of spreading our message, reaching out with an email or a phone call and connecting people can indeed have a big impact. We often think there is nothing we can do. That we aren’t important or smart enough for others to listen and notice, or we are so afraid of rejection we won’t make “the ask”. 

To those of you who have stepped up and done just that, thank you. You push me forward and encourage me every day. 

Thank you.


Feeling helpless? just a thought.

I know for myself if I don’t think I have the ability to help or fix a situation often I will choose to ignore it. I’m not proud to admit that this applies to personal,  work and larger than myself situations. I believe as women we often feel if we can’t fix a problem, weather it be our own or someone else’s, it makes us less than or inadequate. Ignoring the problem, pretending it isn’t there, going about business as usual, as if these things don’t exist becomes a welcome habit. I personally prefer not to look at the situation more closely because then I might have to call it  avoidance, procrastination, even ignorance. Hey check that out, the word ignorance, comes from the word ignore. Lightbulb!

So what CAN I do, when I have no idea what to do?

A small simple thing that will always lead me in the right direction.

Pray on it.

Now I don’t consider myself a “religious” person, but I do believe that when we turn things over to a power that is greater than ourselves, whatever that power may be, when we ask for guidance, we ask for help, we ask to be open to where we can be useful, needed and productive that these things end up showing up.

The key is, you have to show up. Only then, will what you want show up.

I’m feeling helpless at the moment when it comes to the horrible situation in Texas after hurricane Harvey. Aside from giving blood and money, both of which I have a limited supply, there seems like I should be able to do more. The devastation this month from flooding is not only in Texas but around the world and I could choose to just go about my business and say “What a shame.”, but somehow, praying for these people, for our world and how I can be put to use not only in this situation but in all situations, even if it isn’t apparent to me, seems more productive.

I’m going to choose to believe if I show up to every situation in my life with a positive, open minded and open hearted attitude, that what I need for myself and what I can give to others will show up. Sound easy? Of course it isn’t. That’s why I may need a little help from something bigger than myself.

Is it worth trying? Not only with this situation but all those situations in your life that you avoid because you think you can’t do anything about it, or fear is holding you back?

I can’t be the only one who feels helpless right? I can’t be the only one who almost doesn’t want to look when the news reports are on, am I? Hopefully I’m not the only one praying for guidance, praying for people everywhere, for my usefulness to be shown to me.

Give it a try. Let me know what happens.



Attention is on Harvey. But flooding has killed thousands this month in other countries, as well. 

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